Frank’s upbringing was marked by a diverse exposure to both Namibia and Cape Town, where he developed a passion for photography, initially capturing the expansive landscapes of the Namibian desert and portraying the local community through his father’s camera.

Despite pursuing a career in law, Frank’s love for photography led him to the dynamic urban landscapes of New York and London, where he delved into photography, particularly drawn to the intricacies of architecture, symmetry and geometry. This fascination has left an indelible mark on his current body of work.

Upon returning to Africa, Frank honed his skills at Pixel Foundry, a renowned photographic studio in Cape Town. During his time there he focused on commercial photography which provided a solid foundation for his craft. During this period, Frank began exploring the realms of creative portraiture, gradually expanding his repertoire to include weddings and events.

Frank’s photography style is unmistakably modern and photo-journalistic, characterized by a meticulous emphasis on strong composition and symmetry. His art seamlessly weaves together creative portraiture with genuine moments, telling authentic stories through his lens.
Frank’s commitment to capturing real narratives in visually compelling ways has earned him a unique place in the realm of contemporary wedding photography which has led him to be ranked in the top 10 wedding photographers worldwide twice by Junebug Weddings in the U.S.A.



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