Portraits of Marike & Ernst – Cape Town CBD


What an awesome couple these two were to work with. After only dealing with Marike telephonically and via email we ended up meeting in the city center late one Monday afternoon. They were both keen on a city shoot which suited me well! Especially as I had moved and was keen to explore my new surroundings. I say I’ve moved but our previous apartment was also in the city and not far up the road actually. Marike and Ernst are both doctors and have known one another for quite some time but only became romantically involved a few years back. Funny how that works 🙂 and I’m sure its not the first time either.

We had great weather so moving around the city and shooting was a pleasure. Big thanks to Marike & Ernst for being such dedicated and relaxed schmodels :). It was a pleasure working with you guys and I’m looking forward to posting your wedding images in the near future.

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