I have been surrounded by photography from quite a young age with both my grandfather and father being avid amateur photographers. Needless to say that from an early age the fundamentals of photography were second nature to me. I also remember being obsessed with capturing images when I was finally deemed responsible enough to handle my father’s expensive camera equipment .

After leaving school and starting Varsity I began freelance assisting in my spare time as a means to earn extra pocket money (secretly I had other plans though). This is how my official/unofficial career in photography began. After a couple of years of freelance assisting I was fortunate to get a permanent position at the Pixel Foundry, which is a commercial and advertising photography studio in Cape Town. It provided me with invaluable training and experience as I worked on loads of different shoots, from advertising campaigns, commercials, cars, beverage, food, still life to cats, dogs, shoes, hats, lollypops and jukeboxes. Basically if it existed we shot it.

Then came a bit of traveling and upon my return to Cape Town I met Ian Mitchinson. I had never considered shooting weddings but when I met Ian and he needed a second photographer I decided to give it a shot. What I liked about Ian is that he had also undergone formal training and his work was more exploratory than traditional wedding photography. One of the things that really attracted me to wedding photography was the challenge of being creative within a high-pressure time constrained period.

If you have read this far then thanks. I love doing what I do and I look forward to hearing from you soon if you are interested in my style of photography.